Shiny new week……May 1, 2016….. Steak or Fish?…..

Not sure when it was that weekends stopped providing an adequate amount of meaningful rest and recuperation.

Sunday morning television news shows are a staple I grew up with and I remember watching Meet The Press with my dad.  I’ve watched it faithfully ever since.  For sure, I liked it better back then when I didn’t understand a lot of what was being discussed.






This week’s Sunday tv news cavalcade was unusually energized by the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, a yearly black tie event where a gaggle of politicos, journalists, and celebrities – hollywood and otherwise – gather to celebrate themselves. Insufferable narcissism en masse in all their pretties and red carpet crapola.  But not without a measure of redeeming value with the President taking his last opportunity to shoot and be shoot at.  This year he set the bar pretty damn high for whoever replaces him.  Finishing with “Obama Out!” and  a perfect mike drop walk away.  His was the comedic high water mark of the evening with the event’s host, Larry Wilmore, squandering an opportunity with nervousness and inappropriate material.  President Obama was a class act and his video with John Boehner was much more than funny as hell.  We’re going to miss this man.






I believe Chuck Todd is doing a great job with Meet The Press.  So there……I’m not hard to track.  This week Chuck did a pretty reasonable job of pushing back against a perpetually bloviating Ted Cruz.  Cruz is just plain scary….but which one of them isn’t or hasn’t been?  I loved the Trump Kasich Alliance that wasn’t, but the Karly and Ted Ticket reminds me of Hitler marrying Eva Braun in the bunker.  You couldn’t write this stuff.







Guests: former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Pakistani political activist Imran Khan and Parag Khanna, PhD.






One of my other Sunday morning tv news staples is Fareed Zakaria GPS.  My bias here notwithstanding, it’s become an important part of my paying attention.  This week Fareed turned the entire show over to a debate between himself and  Edward Snowden on the subject of encryption. If you missed it, I’m sure it’s available on his website or CNN’s or whatever – YouTube?……. Serious debate by two serious debaters.  ……….. I wish people would do their homework on this so they can help raise the level of discussion and debate.  Nobody gets a pass.  Everybody takes a turn…….open the iPhone or not? Give the government the power….or don’t.  Meet you back here later…..or not.  It’s only a big deal.

…wait!….what was that?……Huntsman says we all need to rally around Trump!………












…………and tomorrow it’s Indiana………pace yourself……..


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