…… hurry!…. hide these somewhere … quick! … …..

On and on and on and on

Time is …….



… Knock Knock …. ? ….. 





Prison Populations






… bombed out in Syria …



…hot hot hot


… ripples on the water




… it’s pig’s blood actually … slaughterhouse upstream …


Now that’s a fort



Santa Maddalena, Italy


… Dead Sea











This is an incredible bird’s eye view of the Norwegian Lofoten islands, where football is a way of life.

The picture was taken in a village called Henningsville, where the population is no more than 500.

The inhabitants rely on fishing for survival but still prioritize their football field over anything else.





Tianmen Mountain, located in the Hunan Province of China, is around 5,000 feet high, and has a temple at the summit.


































 …. wut up holy man ? ….
































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