Pedi-cab Driver

…….I used to sit on the curb with this guy, floating Popsicle sticks down the gutter in the rain…….well done mark….got that one to turn the corner….cool!……w

Lyfting Me Up

My life has taken a very interesting new direction.I am “Back in The Saddle Again”.It looks like I will be serving as the Senior Pastor at Greeley First Christian Church for the foreseeable future.In the past 19 months I have logged 3805 Lyft rides – you might call that ‘full time’. I have found joy and purpose driving complete strangers all around this five county area, and turning my riders into the stars 🌟 of this blog.How my new job affects what happens in our conversations in this blog, goes like this: I will be finding these ‘gems’ in 15-20 rides a week rather than 80-100.If it goes like it did with my three rides on Tuesday, it will be no problem.

I had just finished a 20 minute ride from near my house to about 10 miles west.He was a fascinating man with…

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