“ ‘Green Book’, Road Trips, and NBA Fans”


Lyfting Me Up

In case you were in Antarctica last week, “Green Book” won the Oscar for best picture of 2019.  It’s time for some family pride.  Our son-in-law Patrick, is the Editor of this delightful story. Last Sunday night our family and many friends celebrated as we watched our beautiful daughter Stephanie, and Patrick take the final stage. This movie basically tells the unlikeliest story of a ‘record promotion’ road trip taken with an erudite Jazz/Classical pianist, who is African American and his ‘low-grade bouncer/thug’ Italian driver. One of the stars of the show is a 1961 lime green Cadillac, in which much of the dialogue of the movie takes place. The trip takes them through the Jim Crow south.  The Green Book was used by blacks to know where they would be welcomed in that brutally racist world.  About a year ago Patrick shared with us about…

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