… Writing Is / Has Been On The Wall …

… Can We… or Will We… Read It?

The former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics urged the American public on Friday to pay careful attention to everything that’s going on with President Donald Trumps administration.

“Heed the signs and don’t underestimate the threat to our republic from within,” tweeted Walter Shaub, who served in the high-ranking role under former

President Barack Obama and then for six months under Trump until his resignation in July 2017.



In a 14-tweet thread, Shaub detailed the “signs” that should be noticed from Trump’s time in the White House ― from the president’s 10,000-plus lies

since his inauguration to his controversial declaration of a national emergency in a bid to secure funds for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Shaub has previously warned that the White House is currently suffering an “ethics crisis” that could make the U.S. look like “a kleptocracy.”

Shaub’s full thread: sans Twitter clutter

Heed the signs and don’t underestimate the threat to our republic from within:

-Trump obstructed justice
-A McConnell-packed SCOTUS says precedent can be changed more easily than previously thought
-AG Barr is an open partisan and slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre beneficiary

-White House ignores congressional subpoenas, document requests
-Mnuchin is violating a law on turning over taxes to House
-Barr & Senate allies want to investigate officials who investigated Trump to retaliate against them and deter future efforts to hold him to the rule of law

-State Dept is setting up a commission to supplant human rights with “natural law”
-An Inspector General found standing room only in border detention cells, with detainees standing on toilets to breathe
-children stolen from parents at the border are dying in internment camps

-Trump cut resources for investigating domestic terrorists
-FBI reports a recent significant rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism
-evidence found of a white supremacist plot to add census Q to help gerrymander in ways “advantageous to Republicans and non-Hispanic whites”

-Trump is still resisting setting up defenses against foreign election interference
-Trump’s personal attorney solicited foreign govt investigation of current Trump political rival Biden
-AG Barr said something in a weird interview about investigating former Trump rival Clinton

-Trump declared fake emergency to get more power to ramp up activity at border
-ethics violations (and ethically dubious conduct not rising to a violation) occurring at an unprecedented rate among Trump appointees
-senior admin official says she doesn’t care about an ethics law

-if impeached, Trump says he’ll try to get SCOTUS to overturn the impeachment
-McConnell, who blocked Merrick Garland ostensibly because it was an election year, shamelessly hinted this week that he’d be willing to fill a SCOTUS position for Trump in an election year

-Trump is praising autocrats, undermining allies
-Tone of OLC’s recent opinions has changed under Assistant AG Steven Engel, who was tied to one of the torture memos
-Military went to the border for Trump
-Military hid a ship to placate Trump
-Airborne seen wearing MAGA patches

-Trump admin & Graham inexplicably advocating war in Iran/Venezuela
-DOJ experimenting with new legal theory for prosecuting those who publish classified information (raising a question as to whether the theory will be limited to hostile foreign actors or expanded to journalists)

-some public voices are normalizing Trump admin conduct
-voicemail from Trump lawyer to Flynn shows a disturbing carrot/stick approach (or worse)
-Trump has seemed to dangle pardons to buy silence or worse
-Trump admin officials are violating records laws to conceal actions

-Trump said “Russia, if you’re listening”
-Trump said “fine people” marched with nazis
-Trump has told over 10,000 false or misleading statements, per Washington Post
-Trump helped cover up Khashoggi murder, and Kushner’s said to have offered advice to MBS on weathering the storm


-a foreign prince is reported to have said he has Kushner in his pocket (but denies saying that)
-Trump’s behavior is erratic and is marked by frequent lies, bizarre public outbursts, name-calling and confusion
-no press conferences, and no transparency

-Trump allies in congress are either lying about the Mueller report or haven’t read it
-Trump allies in congress are trying to prevent Mueller & others from testifying because they know their base hasn’t read the report and right wing media has kept them from hearing about it


….”Crime butchers innocence to secure a throne, and innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime.”Maximilien Robespierre (1758 – 1794)………

….Haven’t had this much evidence since OJ did the blood Watusi in Brentwood … BUT …BUT …

   “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”
Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945)



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