… Putin’s War in Ukraine … through the Cameras …


Police officers remove the body of a passer-by killed in an airstrike that hit Kyiv’s main television tower the day before.

Local men digging a bunker and building a checkpoint at the edge of their village in Hushchyntsi.

The body of a Russian soldier next to an armored vehicle that Ukrainian soldiers said was Russian, in Kharkiv.

A Ukrainian soldier’s campsite at the front line, northeast of Kyiv.

Civilians being evacuated across the Irpin River into Kyiv.

Serhii, father of teenager Iliya, weeps beside his son’s lifeless body lying on a stretcher at a maternity hospital converted into a medical ward in Mariupol.

Oxana Nikitas holding her daughter Nika, 3, while they wait for a bus after crossing the border from Ukraine in Medyka, Poland.

Ukrainian soldiers trying to save a mortally wounded man moments after a group of civilians was hit by a mortar in Irpin, near Kyiv.Ukrainian volunteers getting a briefing before being deployed to fight Russian troops in Kyiv.

Military volunteers loading magazines with ammunition at a weapons storage facility after the Ukrainian government announced it would arm civilians to resist the Russian invasion.

Local men digging a bunker and building a checkpoint at the edge of their village in Hushchyntsi.

Refugees in Palanca, Moldova, on the border of Ukraine.

A Roma refugee from Ukraine receives a beverage from a volunteer at the humanitarian aid center at Nyugati train station in central Budapest.

While the Roma family had to show their passports to police officers, on the right, before being allowed to receive food, other Ukrainians were not required to show any documentation.

Each Roma child only received one beverage and one sandwich while the other refugees were offered as much as they want.

Fellow soldiers carried the coffin of Senior Sgt. Yevhen Verveyko, 27, of the Ukrainian army, who was killed fighting against Russian force.

A Ukrainian military position outside Kharkiv.

Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine walk up stairs to catch a train in Przemysl, Poland.

Ihor Mazhayev, 54, in the rubble of his home, which destroyed by Russian shelling in Markhalivka, southwest of Kyiv.

People trying to escape from Irpin, a city near Kyiv, sheltered under a destroyed bridge.

Volunteer fighters receiving weapons training as rockets fly overhead in Kyiv.

A residential building damaged by shelling in the city of Chernihiv.

Dima Kurganov, 39, said goodbye to his wife and two children before they left on a train to Poland.


Unexploded Russian Missle crashes through roof

Ukrainian Military truck convoy

The legendary Ukrainian doctor Valentina Pushich was killed in battle today.

Covering a dead Ukrainian soldier

Ukrainian radar attacked

A Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian forces on the side of a road in Lugansk region.

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a small Eastern European nation that has welcomed more Ukrainians, per capita, than any other country since the Russian invasion began.

residential building was hit by missiles in Kyiv on Friday.

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